Soldering Pot
Soldering Pot

Soldering of Litz Wire

Temp Class
Temp Solderable
Solder Type
Informative Links
390*C / 734*F
Solder Pot set at 800 - 900*F / 423 - 482*C
Solderable Polyester-imide
420* C/ 788*F
Solder Pot set at 800 - 900*F / 423 - 482*C
Not Solderable
Easy Clean
Not Solderable
Easy Clean
For information on fluxes and what types to use click here.
Use 60/40 Solder Lead for products that are used in United States.
Use Lead Free Solder for products that fall under exports and International that follow RoHS.

Fusing Currents for Aluminum & Copper

Brazing Aluminum Information

Flash Soldering*

Soldering Pots and Tanks±

When Soldering, Welding, Hot Staking, Burning, Wire Brushing, Melting, or Processing Magnet Wire, Hazardous fumes or dust may cause irritation to eyes, skin, and/or respiratory system.

Wear proper protective eye, skin, and breathing equipment, use adequate ventilation and avoid breathing the fumes.

All information supplied is to be used as a guideline only. HSM Wire accepts no responsibility in any harm that may result to your Litz wire or any other part of the operation.


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